Thursday, April 13, 2006

The meaning of Easter...

Whilst I'm thinking through and trying to get my head around what to do at camp for worship, it's got me thinking about the meaning of the cross and the resurrection and the whole Easter story in general. I've obviously heard the 'Jesus died for our sins' story, which has truth to it, but is far too simplistic and I think probably doesn't let us see the whole picture of what Easter's all about.

So does anybody care to explain their understanding of the cross, or point out some other decent resources that offer a balanced viewpoint?


Esky said...

I personally don't like the symbol of the cross in modern views, i mean what's the purpose of it?

Is it to remind us that Jesus died for us, which is then Idolising the cross rather then Jesus' sacrifice for us?

I could go on for ages about this...
So i'll just stop here.


Trav said...

Hey how'd your worship experience go on easter saturday?

Digger said...

Hmm, interesting thoughts Esky. Would really love to nut out that idea of idolising the cross rather than Jesus' sacrifice, something I've never really thought of.

Symbols, particularly in our age, hold great significance and meaning for people, and the cross is probably the most important of Christian symbols. But the thing is, symbols are always viewed and interpreted through different eyes, so we;ll all often have different interpretations of their meaning.

It's funny too cos I've been thinking of getting some form of meaningful tattoo, heaps of people have suggested the cross, but I dunno, for me, it doesn't totally represent the reasons I'm a Christian.

And yeah it went really well thanks Trav, pretty basic stuff, got some crew to sing a song, read out the whole Passion story, got them to view it in a different light, imagine themselves there or something, then flicked through a whole lot of Jesus images, and then some stations.

Should be able to post them up shortly.

Easter Info said...

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