Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What does it mean to remember?

Every year around ANZAC day and Rememberance Day, and very often around the Comunion meal in church I find myself asking the question-what does it truly mean to remember? Every week we are told to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us, and a couple of times a year we're asked to remember the sacrifices of our soldiers.

But what does it mean to remember these things? Is it simply a mental recollection of facts, or is it more about whether or not our lives are being lived in a manner worthy of these sacrifices?

In both cases, although in some ways they mean totally different things, I don't think its good enough that we just sit or stand there and feel really grateful, I think that to remember Jesus and to remember our soldiers is to live a life worthy of the freedom they died for...


Ben said...

Hey mate,
I was talking about the same thing with someone at school this week. I'm the Cpt of Faith & Social Justice, so the boys think that makes me some sort of authority on religion, which is totally wrong, but that's another story. A mate asked me, "Why don't Christians make the Sabbath as big a deal as in the Old Testament?" I had no idea what to say, but I said something that I believe, in that being a Christian is more about a life dedicated to Jesus, and the gift we received, rather than one day a week.


Digger said...

Yeah good call Benny-boy, thats pretty much where its at!