Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who do I need to surround myself with?

Was chatting with a good friend the other night about the different Christian courses, programs and theological colleges that we have been a part of and considered getting involved with.

It got me to thinking about the much deeper understanding I have now of the different arms of the Christian faith, how different Christians think, pray, understand God, what they believe about the Bible etc. I probably went through the stages of having no idea about this kind of thing, to being arrogant/proud about how my ways were so much better than everybody else's to now really loving the diversity I see in the Body of Christ.

This then caused me to reflect on a conversation I'd had with my spiritual director (you should all look into it-can be very helpful) about my struggles with prayer, and the need to surround myself with others far more committed to and experienced in prayer than I (and then to be able to move on from needing the support of those people-but thats another post) because those people just have so much to teach me.

I've found that being able to know a little bit about where a person/group of people are roughly coming from, can be helpful in working out if they're the people I need in my life right now.

Basically, there are some areas of my Christian life that I'm more on top of than others, and I really need to surround myself with those who are much further along in the areas I'm weak... Which are too many!


Mim said...

Think I understand what your getting at but at the same time that sounded very postmodern- choose people who give you what you want/need and as soon as that doesn't work for you or is not what you need move on to someone new. Maybe thats the best way to live life but at the moment I'm not convinced. lacks commitment to anything.

Digger said...

Yeah thats probably a pretty fair criticism Mim, perhaps a bit too much of a consumer attitude?

I agree that just going to something/being a part of a community because you get something out of it, then leaving when you're not, is really poor form, but I think that maybe there are different expectations/rules for courses/programs than communities and groups.

Know what I mean?

Esky said...

Hey Digger, I thought this was going a tottally different direction just reading the title.
Firstly, well put.
It's not the first time i've heard this but i like the idea- it seems somewhat barbaric to "use" someone for their knowledge but what good is knowledge that isn't used?
I like what you said about having people around you who are stronger in certain areas that you may not be as strong in...gonna use that one in my own life ;)

Secondly, I agree that is harder to think about diversity in christian faith but like my Dad says, "God is like a human Dad on father's Dad. One child brings him socks and another shoes. Both bring him different things (worth different amounts materialisticly)yet hold the same value because they can be used together. So it is with Churches/individuals in faith."


Mim said...

I took what you said much more generally- in groups, rels etc. (prob cos thats where I have most spiritual guidance) and ditching cos' you feel it's not worth it- still trying to work out exactly where I stand with societies ideal on this and whether I'm holding on to stuff cos' it what I'm used to and it's a safe christian expectation or if there's more to it and really of God.

ben said...

Hey Digger,
I understand a little of what you're saying. I'm a fair bit younger than you, but have had thoughts in my life before, such as maybe I wasn't hanging out with the right people. But I think now that there is no 'right' people, that if you want strength and support and anything, it returns wherever you give it. It might not happen instantly, but it's bound to happen, or so I've learnt. I might be way off course here, but hey, i'm tired. I feel kinda ignorant and not so intelligent compared to these other posts.

Finally, what about a post on "What do I need to surround myself with?" because it's been something i've certainly been thinking about lately. Maybe I'll post on that one myself.

Digger said...

Hey Esky, yeah I reckon thats a good point about just using somebody for their knowledge/skills, and I think its a fine line between using people and making the most of their skills.

Nice photo too mate.

Digger said...

Yeah no dramas Mim, make sure you blog down some thoughts when you can, would be interested to hear your perspective.

Hey Ben, I actually reckon there are 'wrong' people to hang out with, but not one 'right' group, if that makes sense.

I'd like to agree with you on the you get love and support from wherever you put it out, but in my experience, particularly outside churches, thats not always the case.

And yeah I'd love to see a post on that one.