Monday, May 29, 2006

Does it matter if Jesus was married?

Last week at Frankston I got the oppurtunity to preach, which i haven't done for ages, on the Da Vinci Code, which was a bit of fun. I loved the book, and thought the movie was OK, but nothing special. When I find the time I'm hoiping to post up a rough transcript of what i talked about, save me emailing it multiple times to people that have asked to check it out.

Last night as the Huddle we went to see the movie then went out to dinner afterwards for a bit of discussion, which was really good.

One of the issues that came up was obviously that of the claim the book makes that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus, and had little girl Sarah, who moved off to France with Mary, and was the start of a long line of French kings-the Merovingians.

The thing is, i really don't know if I have a problem with that idea. I've thought about it a lot, and can't see any reason why it should be a problem. I don't believe he did, as I'd think it would probably be mentioned in the Gospels, but thats not the point. The point is-would the fact that he was married make him any less divine, any less able to be the man who loved the poor and the outcasts, healed people, died and rose again?

One of the guys recalled a conversation he'd had with a mate who said he really struggled with the concept, because the marriage union is supposed to join together two people, and how could a member of the Trinity be in community with another? Would that take away from his divinity? One of our other crew mentioned that if Jesus could not marry then it would be harder for him to understand the idea that Jesus was actaully fully human, quite a good point methinks.

So, in the end, for me, if Jesus was married and had kids is irrelevant, he's a top bloke either way.


Esky said...

yo, haven't had the op to see the movie yet but def something i wanna do (excursion? :P)

But I rekon if Jesus had kids...yarda, yarda, yarda it would make him more human. I mean When I think about bible stories it's hard to think often how that can apply today, first hand.

ANywho, I haven't seen it but I'm not too keen on the side affects of the flick. It seems more now a reason to rebel against christianity (kinda in your face) when it's just opinion not facts.

Would be fully awesome to see what you did for that service ey.

peace homie

Digger said...

Yeah I'd totally love 2 do it as an excursion 4 VET, but we're pretty much already way behind :(

Sorry didn't understand your second paragraph?

Yeah you're right, some people are using it as an excuse not 2 get into jesus stuff, but I reckon a whole bunch of people are also asking a whole bunch of questions, or at least engaging with the idea, more then they would be otherwise, so that can't be a bad thing I reckon

Christop said...

Esky: If Jesus was fully human, then how would being married make him more human than that?

Digger: This is what I'm thinking in response to your friend's problem: If Jesus couldn't be joined to another human being in marriage, then how can Holy Spirit be inside a human being?

Oh yeah, Jono has dreads as of today.

John Dekker said...

Yes, as Paul say in 1 Corinthians 15:3, the things of primary importance are that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, rose again, fulfilled OT prophecy, and was seen by witnesses.

If he was married, the Biblical writers didn't think important enough to tell us. (Which I think is a reason what he wasn't!) Yet we do need to safeguard his humanity.

There are also other reasons to believe that he wasn't married - I Corinthians 7:32-33 suggest that there is a single-mindedness that only single people can have. Jesus would have been too focused on his mission to get married.

More importantly, Jesus does have a Bride - the Church.

mason said...

hmmm. interesting thoughts, particularly like the last one about the bride of Jesus being the church.
If Jesus is God, and married a person, does that mean that he loves or values that one person more than the rest of us? could be a crappy question, but here's another;

If Jesus was in love wit Mary Magdalene, would the most loving thing to do, if he knew he would die, rise and ascend, be to NOT enter into an exclusive relationship with her, because it would hurt her more once he was gone?
I guess the whole going to france thing assumes he didn't ascend: do the two have to go together? ie. wit the marriage thing, does it imply that Jesus went to France with Mary (why the heck france???), bcos if we believe the Bible, he ascended. Or could he have been married during his time on earth?
Also, if Jesus was still on the earth (ie. in France), considering the church was gettin all up n' started, wouldn't he have been searched for and hounded?
SO either, he was married and ascended, or wasn't married, which leads me back to the first question (which is a very human one, but interesting none the less). Meh, if it was that important, matt, mark, luke, john, paul or one of those other dudes would've mentioned it. As long as it does nothing to take away from Jesus' humanity, or his whole divinity (he was wholly both, is what i'm getting at! crazy thing to try get your head round!)

thx for listenin' digs! ;)
bring on SYG!!!
love mase

Christop said...

Another thing I wanted to say last night, but was too tired to word properly: Although I don't think it's very likely that Jesus was married, I think that when Christians react by trying to prove that he wasn't it looks as though they are saying there is something wrong with being married, as though we still believe that sex is evil.

Digger said...

Yeah interesting question Mase, we kind of discussed a similar thing-that he may not have been able to have the time to commit to making a decent marriage. Kinda like what Paul talks about, being better not be married so you have more time 4 ministry etc.

But then if she was cruising with him as a disciple, who knows?

I think the idea behind the book is that they were married when he was alive and here, then died (the book makes no claims for or against his resurrection-but as it goes on about him being just human I doubt the characters in the book would believe the resurrection) whilst Mary was pregnant with his baby, then she ran off to France by herself.

Yeah maybe, see what yu're saying Christop, I just reckon we get too defensive about in general, but we do have to be careful not to portray that the church is anti sex n marriage.

Does jono's hair look any good?

mase said...

is this jono 'jono', as in, my bro jono??? dreadies?? haha

Christop said...

Yeah, it looked good on Thursday after the wax had been melted and everything. Wasn't sure if it'd suit him, but it does.