Friday, May 26, 2006

Hearing from God through the Bible

Was going back today doing a bit of re-reading of some chapters I'd skimmed over when rushing my VETAMORPHUS readings, and it was just one of those awesome experiences where God totally just speaks to you through the Bible, there was a few things that totally stuck out to me, and were really encouraging, and a couple that really made me think.

Sometimes (but definitely not always) its just as simple as slowing yourself down to read something, and being open to what God may say to you through it. Love it.

Of course thats not always the case, sometimes we struggle with reading our Bible at all, sometimes it seems dry and boring, sometimes it seems like it has nothing to say, but more often than not, if our attitude is right, God can speak to us through the Bible.

Thats not anything really profound, just a simple thing that encouraged me.

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