Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What is the nature of forgiveness?

I've been thinking about this lately in light of some silly things I've done, just stuff that didn't really match up with my own expectations of myself, and not really up to what I feel are God's standards for my life.

I understand reasonably well, and can get my head around human forgiveness, but what does it all mean from God's end?

So when God says he forgives sin, does that mean that He forgets it, and doesn't judge us for it at the end of our time?

When people talk about Jesus washing away our sins does that include the guilt and shame associated with those actions? If so then why do so few people feel that freedom from guilt and shame?

What does it actually mean to 'give it all over to God' in terms of trying to move on and deal with sin?

If Jesus died to forgive our sins, why do we need to keep asking for that forgiveness?

got a few ideas on some of those, but they're just the questions rattling around for me, not only froma personal perspective, but just ona broader theological level.


Anonymous said...

- Maybe we need to feel at least a certain level of guilt and shame to learn, otherwise what would stop us from repeating our silly things.

- Jesus may wash away our guilt and shame, but if we still feel shame before people we've hurt or ourselves then we won't feel free form that even if God has forgiven us.

Digger said...

Yeah totally agree with your first point Anon.

Yeah interesting point second one, I guess that probably comes down to the crux of my point, if Jesus is supposed to 'wash away our guilt and shame' then should we still feel that same guilt and shame? If not, and we do, have we not truly received God's forgiveness?

Or is the forgiveness just on some supernatural level and we still deal with the human ramifictions?

Anonymous said...

- does the bible say 'wash away guilt and shame' of just forgive? Maybe theres a difference?

- your last point is more what I was thinking- but as if I truly know! What does the bible say about forgiveness always thought we were forgiven- but are there conditions- like we have to repent or ask first?

just thought of an illistration which may argue your last point- the amount of guilt and shame we experience usually depends on how bad we percieve what we've done to be but isn't all sin equally as bad in Gods eyes? Prob if we truely understood all the crap we do we wouldn't be able to move for all the guilt.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't feel guilty at all.

If someone invites you to their house for a delicious meal, do you offer them ten bucks as you leave?

Grace is just received.

Anonymous said...

Sure, but if I spilt a full glass of red wine on your new white carpet during dinner I'm going to feel a certain level of guilt and shame no matter how cool and forgiving you are over it.- wouldn't you? Comes from having a conscience and are only a small number of people who don't feel any form of guilt and their mostely in jail for murder cos we just don't know how to help these people learn.

My last point was meant to emphasies how amazing Gods grace is but I don't know that Gods forgiveness automatically leads to guilt free living.

Seems like the church has gone from 1 extreme of condeming everyone and forcing guilt on everything to the opp. extreme of saying we should never feel any guilt at all, we've gone from God fearing to Gods best buddies don't know that either neat little model is 100% correct....??