Monday, May 22, 2006

The Yabbs in a Nailbiter!

As I know most of my readers are avid followers of the Tyabb Footy Club, so it would be remiss of me not to mention our amazing come-from-behind, kicked-a-goal after the siren win on Saturday over Nepean League Reserves powerhouses Crib Point.

Now pretty much all of that was a lie apart from the bit about us winning with a goal kicked after the siren! It was absoultely awesome! We'd been playing absolutely horrendously all day, but so had they, they kicked something like 8 goals 20! So that was the only thing that really kept us in the game!

So in the dying seconds Calamari took a great grab and slotted it after the siren. No doubt the song was sung with great gusto, and much celebrations were had. This was all topped with a massive pumping of the Cats by the Pies! Life's good!


Mim said...

weren't you there?
expect us to be avid supporters- and your not there for your own team!!:)

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