Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's funny, because when you invite a friend to a normal church, you worry about if its gonna be good and stuff, but other than that, you just bring them along and sit next to them. But when you want to bring friends along to a smaller home-church style affair, you actually have to think about it a lot more. Is the discussion going to be appropriate for them, will it go over their head, how much do we alter what we're doing for them?

It's something thats been going around in my head quite a lot lately, as we're starting to get a few newies pop in, or express interest in popping in at some stage soon.

It's funny, cos one of the reasons we started this group was because it would be easier to bring people to than a normal church, which it will be, but it will require a bit more thought n discussion with the group. Will hopefully post some more thoughts on this soon.


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