Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pentecost at the Huddle

Had some really interesting discussion last night at the Huddle (the little church plant experiment I'm a part of) on Pentecost/Pentecostalism/speaking in tongues, as Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, and I thought it was important to ask the question: What does it look like for a small, 'non-Pentecostal' house church, to be open to the Holy Spirit...

None of us speak in tongues regularly, or have done (maybe one guy has?) and this is definitely not an area in which I naturally move, but am totally fine with, as for many people it's a fantastic experience of prayer and God's presence, and a gift from God-and used well is top-notch.

All of us have had some form of negative experience with speaking in tongues, either its use/misuse in church, peoples misuse of it-either by placing too little or too much emphasis on it, and dodgy churches/cults who have been into it.

So the challenge for me then is to look past my own negative experiences and pre-conceieved ideas, to see what God is doing through that in people's lives, and not let my own ideas/thoughts/bad experiences shut me off from being open to the Holy Spirit connecting with me in a myriad of ways, perhaps even in tongues?

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mase said...

hey digs,
i have a few thoughts on this one, cos for a long while i went through some really negative ideas towards it/feelings about it (people speaking in tongues, that is, and the whole 'pentecostal' thing).
then i realised that i want all that God wants to give me, no matter what it is, and then i was cool wit ne thing. And it made me see things differently too - as in, with Franga CoC, it's not like we have some church 'picture' to live up to, we aren't trying to have a label, we're just wanting more of God. That's what it should be about, what God chooses to do with that, how he manifests himself, is up to him! that's the way it should be i reckon.

also, reading jackie pullinger's book 'chasing the dragon' was so interesting in that regard - she talked about speakin in tongues in such a non-fussed, realistic kinda way. and was interesting cos she was a fairly young, new christian, fairly naive maybe, and she said that when she started speaking in tongues regularly, God things just started to happen. Really interesting i think.
anyway, more thoughts on this are in my head, but probably not for posting up here :) catchya soon, 1 SLEEP TIL SYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!