Wednesday, June 21, 2006

SYG speaker 1

Been trying to think for a while about how to articulate my thoughts regarding Tim Hawkins-the guy who this year had one of the hardest jobs in Youth Ministry-being the main speaker at State Youth Games.

I honestly do believe its one of the toughest gigs going around, there's just such a massively diverse crowd-from 14 year old kids who were invited along by their mates to their first Christian thing, to Christian young adults who've been around for ever. So getting a message that will hit all those people is nigh on impossible.

That for me is reason alone why we need a local speaker who knows SYG, who knows the audience, who knows what does and doesn't work etc. It's great getting a top notch speaker in, but over the past few years we haven't really had much luck doing that. I enjoyed last years guy heaps, but didn't think it was an ideal SYG message, but anyway.

The thing for me when thinking about SYG speakers is to remember that its not for me, I'm not the main aim of who they're generally trying to speak to. The SYG crew aim the event at high school age people who don't yet follow Jesus-so that needs to be kept in mind.

I absolutely loved the theme this year-Stand Your Ground-I just thought it had so much potential, and could have been an absolutely sensational building block for the weekend-but unfortunately I don't think its effectiveness was maximised. The drama tapped into that well, but the speaker less so.


Grover said...

Hey Randle,
Can I encourage you to fill out the feedback form on the SYG website!! Helps the committee in looking forward to SYG 2007
Thanks mate

Kirst said...

hey digs!
I totally agree with everything you wrote! My thoughts exactly... I've pretty much given up on expecting great things from SYG speakers, not because the are bad, just because its such a hard thing to do.. especally when they are unfamiliar with what SYG is. I think it would be much more preductive if they had people that the audiance is likely to know. like you spoke a few years back didnt you?... like just after you got your tooth knocked out hehe

mase said...

hey digs
yeah i totally concur with your comments mate.