Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another casual job, no dilemmas this time

It's a pretty sweet one this time, just encouraging people to recycle their old mobile phones through the MobileMuster program. Basically, there are like 16 million old phones lying around in Australia, and when 90% of a phone can be recycled, why not? If they go into landfill its definitely no good for the enviroment.

It was funny, cos I didn't actually have to approach people about it, but I wanted to, cos its actually a worthwhile cause, and wanted to get the message out there.

No crazy jobs next week, doing my chaplaincy gig for the Victorian Christian Schools Basketball Squad, should be good fun.


mase said...

Digs, how do you find these random jobs?

Digger said...

Haha, I dunno really! Internet, friends emailing me, asking around, I guess God seems to look after me hey?
Probably much the same reason I win so many competitions!

Seriously though, I do wonder about that kind of thing. Cos some Christian people I know who I tell about all the weird luck I have say its God, and others just say its just cos I enter lots of competitions and write my name down for heaps of job networks.

I reckon its a bit of both.

Sometimes we Christians over-spiritualise things, and often normal people under-spiritualise them.