Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love my local community!

Had a quite productive-as opposed to the many opposite, meeting with a community group that I'm a part of, a few council youth workers, school principals, and interested citizens.

It is at times long and drawn out, as we've done all these community surveys on needs of young people in the area, assessed possible solutions, worked out which are viable, started doing them etc.

Tonight it just felt like it really started to come together, for me anyway. Had a productive chat with the guy from the high school about doing some stuff to help out there, chatted to the cops about helping them with their road safety campaigns, started the ball rolling with a decent looking 'positive language' program to implement at local junior sports clubs.

So many of these things, and the connections I have, would not have come if I wasn't living long term in my local community. I just love it. Which is why I think i'm such a big fan of Hamo and what they're doing with Upstream, and crazy people like UNOH.

I love the Message translation of John 1:14 'The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood'

I dunno, just recently been really seeing the value of the whole local community thing lately, always known it, been seeing it more lately.


scott said...

Good to hear that it is comming together for you digger. Keep on pushin in.

Gary said...

Upstream is amazing! That's exactly the kind of community that I have envisioned being a part of.

mase said...

Digs, you do so much cool stuff that i don't even know about!
you continue to amaze and inspire me!

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