Monday, July 10, 2006

Problems shared are problems halved

I dunno if that is exactly a Biblical idea, but if not, it should be!! Had a pretty cruisey night at the Huddle tonight, just sharing what was going on, good and bad, in our lives and the lives of others, and praying for each other. It's so simple yet so powerful, and we do ourselves no favours by forgetting that.

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mase said...

aint that the truth!
when AB n i were dropping Sarah Lay home sunday night after La Pa's, the 3 of us sat in the car in her driveway praying together for a while. so very powerful, and meaningful because of so many various factors. did the same back at my place, and seriously, what could be a better and more caring/meaningful/positive thing to do! Did the same too when staying with the Waters, stayed up late wit Cin chatting, and prayed together, was awesome as! So yeah, more of it I say!!! :)