Sunday, July 02, 2006

SYG speaker 2

So it seems my last attempt at actually writing up anything about the speaker himself were thwarted for some reason. So here I go, though the memories are starting to fade...

The speaker was Tim Hawkins, from some Sydney Anglican church (which should set off alarm bells for those who know anything about Sydney Anglicans,but I tried to ignore those) who's reasonably well known in Christian Youth Ministry circles, having written Fruit That Will Last, and Leaders That Will Last, neither of which i've read completely, but look like they cover some pretty good ground. So I had reasonably high hopes.

On the Saturday night, he came out and did a bit of an intro talk, just so people knew who he was, got to have a bit of a connection with the audience, so hopefully they'd be a bit more comfortable with him the next night. Quite a good idea I reckon.

But he didn't do it all that well. I love a bit of interstate banter-but he just flat out paid out on Victoria for ages, and it wasn't even that funny. I'm sorry, but if you're gonna be a decent speaker at events like this, and try be funny (which is helpful but not necessary) then be funny.

Plus he excessively plugged all his resources-books, DVDs, CDs, commemorative underwear etc.
That didn't impress me much, but I got over it. I was impressed that he came out the next night and apologised for harping on it too much. I actually don't mind people plugging their stuff, as long as its not excessive.


Tim H said...

I appreciate your refreshing honesty! I agree - speaking at SYG is a hard gig - but a very worthwhile one. I tried to grab people's attention and point them towards Jesus - and I know this certainly happened for some people. But it sounds like I wasn't that helpful for you. I feel I have Iet you down, and for this I can only ask your forgiveness. Perhaps you'll give me another chance at another stage?

Every blessing!

Digger said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the reply. I'll fire you off an email via your site.