Sunday, July 02, 2006

SYG speaker 3

The Sunday night is the big important talk, the one where people get the chance to make a commitment-again an idea I'm quite a fan of-if done right.

So he tried to do the whole put myself down routine, try and connect with that part in every teenager that somewhere deep down doesn't like themself, but didn't do that that well either. I actually thought at times he made too much of a deal of it. Yes, recognise and acknowledge the crapness that can be a teenagers world, but don't harp on it..

He mentioned the story of the person who built their house on the sand, and the person who built their's on the rock, and the ensuing construction and stability hassles of the former. A great story, with a lot of potential to talk about standing your ground, basing your life on something solid, something worth building afoundation on etc. Good stuff.

But then he just went on to talk about Jesus' death on the cross, and how that deals with sin, and lets us be right with God, which is all well and good, and important stuff, but is really just focussed on Jesus and what he did, rather than our response to him-which is more the angle I'd take.

And so he got people to stand up for a couple of different reasons-which I actually thought was explained well in part. I didn't like a lot of his inferences that they were now accepted into the Christian community (I thought Christian community went on throughout the whole weekend?) and the usual, 'you've made this one decision which will now automatically change the rest of your life' which as we probably all know, does happen sometimes, but far from always.

There were no practical steps or suggestions offered for waht standing one's ground might look like when they get back to school and everybody wants to beat them up for even mentioning Jesus, or how to deal with their messed up family life, or anything like that.

There were a few other things I disagreed with, but thats all I can remember for now. So, in my opinion, a wonderful oppurtunity wasn't taken full advantage of, both in terms of the weekend and the theme of the week. But then, God moved in people's lives and did stuff, so who knows...


hamo said...

gentle :)

Its a tough gig being a speaker at these gigs!

And even tougher being a sydney anglican.

I'm sure God would have done some good stuff - in spite of you, Tim and the universe :)

mase said...

again digs, totally concur with what you have to say!
sorry, no thoughtful or insightful comments - sometimees it is good to read something that sums up how you feel! if i had a blog, i'd prob steal these posts from yours and put them on mine! :P

Digger said...

Yeah I know I know, i thought I was reasonably gentle Hamo. As I mentioned earlier, one of the toughest speaking gigs around, just expressing my disappointment at what could have been done better.