Thursday, July 20, 2006

Toy demonstrating madness!

Had my first day of the toy demonstrating job today-it was pretty sweet! Although I seriously could not believe how many people were there before 8-literally hundreds! People were full commando rolling under the doors as they opened-it was seriously like Boxing Day!

I didn't have to do any selling, only demonstrating, just showing the kids how to play with the toys etc, all pretty cruisey. A lot of people knew what toys they wanted, so sometimes I just helped them find it.

At the end of the day, I kinda look at it this way, I'm in no position to be challenging randoms on the street about their lifestyles and how much crap they buy. So the best thing I can do in that situation is to help them as to what toys will best suit the kids they're buying for.

So if their kid wasn't the right age for a certain toy, I told them that, and helped them look for something better. If they had no idea about a decent present for a boy/girl of whatever age, I helped them find stuff in their price range. I dunno, i felt I approached a less than ideal situation in the best possible manner.

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