Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cool Gandhi Story

I re-heard this Gandhi story the other day, and thought it was a pretty good one, a great illustration of integrity. Learning from him makes me a better Christian.

Basically, a woman came to him and said "My son really respects you as a teacher, and I want you to tell him to stop eating so much sugar-as I'm worried about his health"

Gandhi said "Come back in two weeks, and I will tell him then"

The lady left, a little puzzled, but came back two weeks later. She brought her son in and Gandhi said to him "Mate (OK, so he probably didn't say 'mate' but you never know!) you must stop eating so much sugar" and the kid was like "Yeah OK, I respect you as a teacher, I will"

The mother, although stoked, was still a little bemused by Gandhi's request for them to go away for two weeks and come back. So she asked him why he had requested that.

He said "Because two weeks ago, I was still eating sugar..."

That, my friends, is integrity.

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