Thursday, August 24, 2006

Coolest church ever!

Ok, so thats obviously an over-statement, but I was very impressed with this church's gatherings.

As part of the VETAMORPHUS retreat, we went along to the Salvation Army's city temple on Bourke Street, and I absolutely loved it. It was just real, there was no pretensiousness, no crap, just a whole bunch of people getting together to walk further with God.

It had a really casual vibe, all the worship band where just up there doing there thing, dressed in old clothes, not putting a on a show or any fake crap, just getting into it. Then some other band of local people got up and did a bit of an item, including beat-boxing, guitar, an MC and the harmonica! It was funky as.

A dude shared his testimony of a life turned around from drugs, an officer lead us in a time of reflection, and we were very warmly welcomed, particularly by the big hairy toothless guy in front of me who said he's just escaped from somewhere! He was so great.

But the thing I liked about it most was that you could see it was a place the homeless and marginalised of the city felt realy comfortable, they could just sit on the floor around the outside, hang out near the coffee machine, mutter randomly, walk wherever they wanted, it was awesome, this was a place they could be themselves.

If Jesus were around today, they would be the kind of people he'd be hanging out with. Of course Jesus calls all people to follow, no matter how much money they have, but Jesus always seemed to have a thing for the poor, the outcasts, the lonely, and so did the church.

Good work guys!


mase said...

yeah, sounds awesome as. i wonder how such a cool vibed community develops?

Digger said...

Hard work, simple as that.