Sunday, August 20, 2006

Homeless people need more than just food

Just back from the third VETAMORPHUS retreat, and about to head off on a PE camp, so just some quick blog thoughts before I head off.

Based a chunk of the weekend around spending some time at Credo Cafe, which is a part of Urban Seed, a mission agency I have a lot of respect for, who do some top quality stuff with the marginalised people of Melbourne.

One of my old youth group kids ran some stuff on the Sat night (and did an awesome job JB) talking about some issues behind homelessness, and sharing his personal reflections and songs-which was quality.

But the stuff he was talking about with homelessness really stuck in my brain. He talked about the fact whilst food is often available for people, quite cheaply in many places in the city-the thing that homeless people lack is the sense of comfort and security, the sense of belonging, that home provides.

So rather than just feeding people, they've also tried to create that sense of home, a place to belong, a sense of community, at Credo. And from what I've seen, they do a tip-top job.

I think thats what annoys me about the place where I serve free breakfast to some homeless people in my area, its very much just a free breakfast program, nothing more. We have to stay out in the kitchen and prepare the food, whilst they just come to the window and order what they want and sit down. Would love to sit down and work out ways to improve that. Only problem is, its so early I'm too brain-dead to want to engage with anybody!

Reminds me of an Ash Barker quote 'the poor don't need our money, they need us...' Challenging stuff.


Ali said...

I completely agree Digs. I think the same thing applies to all people, our bodies might 'need' food, shelter and so on, but we all need people in a much more essential way. We can go without food, etc, for a while, but it's human contact that provides us with a desire for life, and therefore a desire for food, etc, to prolong that life!

Anonymous said...

hey digs.
Yeah totally backs up what mother teresa said about being unloved and unwanted being the greatest poverty in the world, moreso than lack of food or anything else. It identifies the need so well, and i think leads to such an important perspective - if as Christians, we see the greatest needs, we can then respond to them. I still haven't been to credo or urban seed - i'm so frustrated with this year and not being able to do anything outside school, when i've got so many ideas in my head!! ah, jono is one of my heros. But it's cool, once i've finished school hopefully AB n i r gonna go stay with jono for a few days, and then i'll get to see it all. I'm bummed i missed out on the veta city retreat!!! but anyway, great post, my rant's over now :) have fun on camp

Josh oooo ahhhh said...

absolutelly agree man, it was off the shizzle bein there, got a new passion for the lost now.
we definantly gota go back, i was talkin to ellie, we may be goin back in a few weeks, come along.
afta the salvos church, givin that guy food sorta helped me realise what a self focased life i live, and we gota start gettin in the mind set of helpin da less fortunate, helpin the ones who need the arm around them, helpin the ones who need support. something they probable have never had.
ur a legend digs...VOTE FOR PEDRO

stephinabox said...

i have created a blogspot...
now i have no excuse to not comment on yours lol.
Was great to see your smiling face on the weekend, thanks for ur msg b4 hand and ur encouragement, and was fab chatting to u while setting up those candles, i think it helped me process alot of what was going on and what i wanted to do with it and what not...
u rok!!
luv stepha

mase said...

by the way, the anonymous comment was from mason :)

ATTN DIGS: said...

hi digs, its mase again.
check out this website:
check out the tshirts, they're hilarious!!

and check this out: ligers do really exist!

'Napoleon's world is inhabited by ligers, wolverines, and unicorns, but the fabulous liger is no mythical beast. The liger is actually a rare mix between a lion father and a tiger mother, a gargantuan animal that's twice the size of either of it's parents.' and there's pics!
haha, i should be doing school work!

Digger said...

Yeah cheers Ali, good to see ya back on the blogging train!

Yeah I guessed it was you Masonic-tiptronic. So true, that Mother Theresa quote is indeed a good one.

Digger said...

Hey Josh, good to see you've got yourself a blog-and Steph too! I should definitely be a blog-vangelist!

Although Josh I couldn't get your blog to work, but I'll try again later, sometimes it just does that.

Will get onto that site MAse-sounds sweet!

tj-in-malawi said...

Hey Digs

Had to return the favour of comment on my blog hehe..!

But this one stuck out massively... i soooo agree! seeing that one first hand right now, relationships & community ESSENTIAL!
love it!

cheers TJ

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