Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Key questions on worship

Last Monday and this Monday coming up we'll be looking at worship, and specifically what it looks like for us at the Huddle. Here are some of the questions I saw as key for us in getting our heads around it all.

What are our positive experiences of worship? How can we possibly incorporate that into the life of our church?

What are our negative experiences of worship? How do we acknowledge them, but not let them sour our ideas of what worship could be?

What does worship mean to us? What is our definition of worship?

Does God care if we worship Him/Her?

Should the fact that we don’t ‘enjoy’ a particular style of worship, mean that we don’t do it?

If worship is a lifestyle (Romans 12:1-2) then do we actually need to do anything as worship when we gather?

If not, does there need to be any sense of accountability/sharing with each other in that?

By not worshipping in song, are we missing out on that creative/musical element of our faith?

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Anonymous said...

These are key questions digger. For our denomination vineyard, worship in a certain way has been ingrained.So asking the questions is alot harder to do.
I look forward to hearing of some of your conclusions.