Sunday, August 13, 2006

My definition of worship

I've thought about it a lot in the past, and more so again this week as its our topic of discussion with the Huddle at the moment.

I've never really come to an adequate definition, but I've come up with something that I reckon fits for now.

Our worship is basically 'our response to God'. Pretty simple really, but allows for a lot of diversity.

So sometimes our response to God might be to jump around and sing songs or fall flat on our faces and thank God for the awesome stuff he's done in our lives. But not always.

Sometimes our response to God is to go out and serve Him practically by feeding the poor, donating our time n money to charity, visiting Him in jail, or talking to Him when he's homeless or lonely...

Other times our response to God might be one of questioning or anger, which are both very valid emotions toward God (although ones we don't see validated often enough-but thats another post!)

I like it because it leaves scope for both the 'I'm gonna try and live my life like Jesus would' worship, and the 'I'm gonna sing a song/draw a picture/write a poem/light a candle/sit n meditate' form of worship.

I've already thought of a couple of flaws, but for now, I'm pretty happy with that.


Rabbi Dale said...

In other words, do not do as Yeshua/Jesus said, Do as Yeshua/Jesus said and did.

When we live scripture instead of preaching scripture, the effect/fruit of it is astounding, life changing and glorious. Praise G-D!

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