Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Churchless Faith: Creating a new worship service 2

A Churchless Faith: Creating a new worship service 2

I remember reading this ages n ages ago, and it just struck me as a really simple model of creating a new or different worship gathering. Nothing that out there or crazy, or particularly hard to organise, but just a decent simple model.

But then again, I say that now, maybe ask me again when I've tried it out!

My aim is to create a quite reflective worship space where people at differing stages of faith commitment can connect with God, where all are comfortable to explore (play with) spirituality.

Reflect is to be similar to Godly play in that worship will be about discovering God, rather than being told about God. "In most religious education children are told who God is. In 'Godly Play' children discover who God is." From http://www.godlyplay.org.uk/.

The Basic structure…
Meet and gather, chat say hello for 10 min
1) Move into the Sacred Space (with journal)
2) Light Candle and say opening prayer (based around Psalm for the day)
3) Watch a Presentation of the Reading(s) for the day (Done in some kind of intersesting way like cafe church flash presentations)
4) Reflect on the reading
5) Connect – using journal, stations (different art, prayer and other stations people go to) and wondering questions (projected on a screen) – ambient music in the background
6) Offer our thoughts, work (artwork or journal work) and money to God
7) Close – using prayer of St Francis
8) Move out of the spaceGet together chat, have coffee, hear any announcements.


Anonymous said...


Good to read this - encouraging. I am trying to help marginalised people stay in regular white middle class church and they are not accepted. In fact they are downright rejected ignored and looked down upon. I am trying to think of different ways of helping them meet with god which doesn't involve regular church.

Digger said...

Hey Jules, good to have you stop by here.

I respect what you're doing there-its no easy task. But sometimes its not as hard as we think.

Get em round for dinner, pull something out of the Bible n discuss it, pray about what comes up thru that and your weeks, and you're well on the way to planting a church...

Looks like you had a bit of fun at Greenbelt, always looks like a fascinating conference to me, we've got nothing like that over here.