Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some people just don't get it

It's funny, as much as you think people by now would have got the whole deal with house churches and that, its amazing the amount of people I meet who still just don't get it.

"Oh, so its just a cell group really"
"Yeah, but are you going to a real church"
"So, why don't you sings songs at church? Thats a bit weird isn't it?"

Sometimes its worth engaging with people on the issue, sometimes you just know its gonna take a whole lot more than one conversation to get them to see beyond their current experience.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes its just to much bother to convince people it isn't a strange sect where we run around the room with undies on our head and sacrifice virgins at the alter.

Gareth Williams said...

Definately a problem. I just got to the point (I don't get it as much so there is light ahead) where I'd only explain Myriad if I really wanted to have a decent conversation and felt like the person was capable of trying to understand it well.
But hang in there. some conversations are worth having.

Esky said...

Hey champ, It's often hard to understand something you're not part of... esspecially when it's new.

I had to face this in a different circumstance when i joined a new church. They asked why we didn't sit quiet in rows, why our prayer isn't in front of a cross or on our knees, and why we were generally "crazy".

I think what you've done takes courage- to break past the stereotypical views of "church" and God. And all i can say is keep having those convos coz' you never know what could come out of them.

you're a legend!

Anonymous said...

hey digs,
you should point them to the acts 2 church and say, 'see how they did it? that's what i'm aiming for!'. They surely can't argue with that!

Digger said...

Yeah, but if i do that, they might come and know that we were lying!

Yeah thanks Esk, Mase n Gaz-good to know at least you guys get it.

The only problem is Esky-you guys ARE crazy! :)

Yeah so true Mase, a pretty easy explanation hey. Although i don't know if we'll ever aim to be completely like that church, meeting in the Temple every day is pretty full on-plus its in jerusalem, which would make the travel a real killer!

Esky said...

just admit it digs- you just want in on the "inside jokes" christina and I always have :P

Digger said...

Yeah its true Esky-you've got me there!

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