Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Steer clear of Exclusive Brethren

Before i start this, please be aware I'm talking about Exclusive Brethren, not the normal kind. Some of my best friends are Brethos, and I don't want to tar them all with the same brush.

I was watching some show the other night on the ABC about the Exclusive Bretheren, and man, those dudes are such a cult-in the worst kind of way. And don't worry, I feel safe that they're not gonna chase me down for writing this, as they're not allowed computers (actually, they are now, but only if they buy them from their leader, the 'Man of God'... but even still they're probably not allowed to read non-EB blogs.)

Those guys are seriously whack, people aren't allowed to smoke, drink, wear shorts, associate with those outside the fellowship, vote, go to uni, have pets, question their leadership in any way.

From their leaders there's the usual tonnes of money given illegally, alcoholism, adulterous sex with members etc (well, that was two leaders anyway, perhaps I shouldn't generalise)

But the worst thing about it all, other than the massive distortions of the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus, was the way they ripped families apart. Not letting wives see their dying husbands, stealing kids away during the night from parents thathave been ex-communicated, making this young autistic kid write hate mail to his dad, not letting husband and wives sleep with each other if one of them has been ex-communicated.

It's an absolute bloody shambles!


Anonymous said...

I'm deeply hurt in regards to your comments about Brethos... Don't start pointing the finger at other cults... Word on the street is that 'The Huddle' is a cult and you are the leader... What do you have to say about that pal? And you know what else... You owe me three beers!!!!!!!!

Digger said...

Oh I tell ya what, if this wasn't a computer I'd give you a smack in the gob!

I take back what I said about some of my best mates being a Bretho, you're probably my worst mate!

I'm gonna push you off THE ROOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! this year!

Anonymous said...

Went to school with several exclusive families in Blackburn south. Felt so sorry for the kids in my class, they were kept in the dark about so many things. Such an ailienating anti social organisation.

Anonymous said...

My wife's family helped a young girl "escape" her family and the EB back when she was in High school in Box Hill. Sad thing is the young girl followed her older brother out of the EB and when she ran away none of her family were allowed to follow her or find out where she was - all this at 16 years old. I too watched the show and all I could think of was "where was Jesus in these people?"

I have a Bretho mate in Brisbane who has done Forge and is leading his congregation somewhat out of their darkness but the good news is that they are no where near being the EB.

Keep it up Digger!

Digger said...

Yeah a mate of mine down here did Forge a while back and is planting a church and doing some great stuff. Good to know they're not all crazy!