Thursday, September 28, 2006

Watching Movies

A few weeks ago at church we watched V for Vendetta, one of my favourite movies of the past few years, and discussed some of the spiritual/religious themes we saw come out of it, and I feel it was an altogether worthwhile couple of nights.

Similar to my last post, I was thinking a lot about why we do it. If its just so that we can say we're cool and watch movies at church, then i think we've missed the point.

For me the point is that God can speak to us through movies, through secular songs, through all what manner of popular culture, if only we're switched on enough to hear Him. We need to get better at opening our ears, eyes and hearts-and those of others, for God to speak to us through these medium.


Kim said...

Hey Digger,

I was reading an article in The Door magazine (fantastic read! ).

It was really interesting as it talked about Christians taking things and making them 'ours' by putting 'Christian' in front of them. i.e. 'Christian music', 'Christian movies'

I think it was an interview and whoever it was suggested that we should be part of the world and taking meaning from what is around us rather than recreating it to be 'Christian' and I guess 'safe'.

I wish I could find it or remember who it was that was being interviewed. Either was it was a good challenge.

Digger said...

yeah I've read that one once or twice before, is always good.

Yeah I know what you mean about having to make a Christian version of everything, like that Fast n the Furious remake, and all the other 'Christian' rubbish out there.

Why can't we be a little less precious and just watch normal stuff. But I guess I can see how scared parents who don't have the time to sit down and discern movies with their kids would feel the need to but them Christian everything, hopefully that will never be me!


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