Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have become everything I loathe!

I honestly can not believe how bad a person I am! I have turned into exactly the kind of minister I never wanted to! I'm almost ashamed to write that on Sunday, I preached for over 50 minutes!

I was really pumped about what I was talking about, and everybody said it was all good stuff, but that is no excuse! In my own defence, I did include a fair bit of interaction and getting people involved, but it was still way too long! When I realised how long I'd been going for, I wanted to finish, but couldn't, as my last bit was the strongest part!

Thinkin I'll be doing some slight modifications before I speak to the evening congregation this week!

(N.B. Don't take this post too seriously, surprisingly enough, the sarcasm was lost through the printed medium. I was annoyed at myself, but not that much!)


Ali said...

Stress less Digs, I'm sure God was behind whatever you said. Besides, we're expected to concentrate for much longer than 50min at uni/school anyway.
'Loathe' is an awfully strong word!! And the morn service always goes forever, you were just conforming!
Seriously though, we all make mistakes, and if you want to think of it as a mistake, it's pretty minor, and not worth blowing your brain over.

Digger said...

Haha, yeah I probably should have made it clearer as to the fact I was totally joking about loathing myself! Might edit the post now :)

storky said...

Digs, there is a lot to be said for self-appraisal, especially when balanced with objective feedback - it's how we improve. I know you got good contructive comments after your message. Looking forward to hearing the refined product on Sunday night.
FYI, lately I'm hearing myself spouting "management speak" - Aaarrgghh...

stephinabox said...

digger digger digger...
this one post struck me...
i totally understand wat u mean bout the long sermon typa preachers...they lose ur concentration and sometimes throw ur mind set outta whack as your mind starts wondering...
dont beat up on yourself too much, even if you were joking...
u said the last bit was the strongest, if it was the strongest in God, then it was well worth the 50mins id say...take care of yourself old fella..

stephinabox said...

hey again sunshine...
The huddle is offically invited to a fundraiser trivia night on saturday 14th oct.
details at www.stephinabox.blogspot.com
i hate to make u a messenger boy, but if you'd like to pass on the invite thatd be great...
u rock digger, hope to see your smiling face getting a hi-6 sometime very soon!!

Digger said...

Yeah cheers Storky n Steph.

You're right Andrew, did get good constructive feedback, always appreciated.

Hey Steph, yeah will see they're up to. I'll pretty much definitely be there, will see what the crew are up to.


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