Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The peloton of God

Went for a bit of a ride on the weekend, sort of did half of Round The Bay In a Day, did 110 kms, but it wasn't really official-me and a mate just went for a ride on the same day the big ride was on. More packs to slipstream behind that way!

I got to thinking, as one does whilst riding a bike for an excessive period of time, (and it was an excessive period of time going the pace we were!) about the Kingdom of God and cycling.

See the phrase 'the Kingdom of God' is one that I love-as its my favourite topic at the moment, but is also one that I think we slightly lose the meaning of, seeing as how we don't live in a culture where Kings and Kingdoms really mean anything. To use, the King-or Queen as it is now, to us is just a far off monarch who doesn't really do much. Not the idea Jesus was trying to present I think.

See I think if Jesus were around today, he might use very different words to describe His Kingdom (which in a nutshell is 'wherever God reigns') than He did back in the day.

A metaphor I thought up was 'The Peloton of God'. (Basically a Peloton is a big pack of cyclists, usually the lead group in a race) See a peloton is ultimately about being in community, you can't form a peloton with only one person.

It's about helping each other out, about lightening each other's load, making the journey easier. Sometimes some are called to be out the front of the peloton, doing the hard slog, but they can't stay out there or they'll get burnt out.

In a peloton sometimes you get people who just hang on, who are struggling along, but are kept going by being part of the group. There are some that could push harder, but instead choose just to coast, which is Ok-but they aren't getting the most out of themselves as a cyclist.

Sometimes people will drop off the back because its all too hard, which sucks for them, and the rest of the peloton, but is just a reality of riding. The offer to join is always there, but not everybody is always up for it. Sometimes a stronger rider can drop back to the struggling rider and help pull them back in, sometimes this offer is accepted, sometimes rejected.

The peloton doesn't force anybody to join, people can always take their own journey. Sometimes people on different journeys will help out the peloton, any rider can be out the front if they choose. Even thought that person may be travelling a different path, sometimes their journey will overlap with that of the peloton of God.

So there you, its not a perfect analogy, I don't think any are, but its my attempt.


Jarrod said...

And a fine attempt it was Digs. Your are a great communicator of such things. Love your work.

Digger said...

Cheers bud.