Friday, October 13, 2006

Radish churches

Was chatting with my Mum this week, and we were talking about a little seed planting exercise I'd used when I spoke at our church gathering at Franga CoC last Sunday night (I do hope to post more on that at some stage too) and she was saying how I should have chucked some radish seeds in with the other ones.

When I asked why, she simply said, because they're the ones that shoot up first, and break the soil, which makes it easier for the other seeds to break on through. Gold.

My prayer is that the Huddle will be a radish church, breaking through new church planting soil, that by doing so, we can make it easier for others in our area to rise up and impact their own communities.


Grant Shipp said...

Great imagery Diggs, i like it. Give your mum royalties cause i'm sure it will make in to your next sermon

owl said...

You have already been a 'radish' - every time missional church is mentioned at Franky, the Huddle is held up as an example.