Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chaplaincy 2

My only possible reservation, and its maybe not a big issue, is the issue of getting money from the Government, and how that may affect our position in terms of being able to speak out, or have some form of prophetic voice into, Government.

I remember the people at Urban Seed talking once about why they don't accept Government funding. From what I understood, they felt that by getting money from the Government they would be less likely to be able to speak out against Government things, because then people could turn and criticise them for lack of integrity for then receiving money froma system they may have issues with. I haven't explained that well, but there's just something about those ideas in the back of my mind that would like to explore further.

And the other thing I would like to add about this whole issue is that it sucks for me as its totally come at the wrong time, as I'm moving on from my current schools position, but could work really well as I hopefully move into another school-a public one that would probably be less likely to fund me, but more on that later.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate
this may seem pretty odd for a random chick to just add a comment to your blog but it really struck home for me. I think i'd love to do it as well, but going to peninsula, having an amazing school chaplain, (not so crash hot on discipline, but i guess thats why we loved him) then with all the school politics, yeah im undecided. I dont actually know where God wants me to go, just have to go with the flow i guess.
God Bless mate

Digger said...

Yeah no dramas, how did you find my blog? So you went to Peninsula right? I've heard thats pretty low key on the faith stuff right? Do they have Bible studies lessons/chapel sessions or anything like that?

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