Thursday, November 02, 2006

Opt-In Leadership

For a while now I've been wanting to write a lot more about the Huddle, but just never seem to think of it when I'm near a computer.

One of the things I thought I'd just quickly write about was how leadership works for us, in terms of woking out what we do every week, and what we do and don't get involved with etc.

The system we have at the moment is what I call 'Opt-In' leadership, which basically means that anybody who is a part of our community can be a part of, and have a say in, the leadership of our church.

We have monthly planning meetings where we get together and try and discuss how we've been going in terms of our three focus areas (another post for another day), what we're gonna do each week for the next month or so, and any other issues that come up, and just generally chat about stuff to do with where the group's headed.

At the start it was just me deciding what we did every week, which I, and the group, weren't really happy with. The main reason for this wasn't because I felt I was the only one with stuff to say-which i'm clearly not, it was just that I was never organised enought to ask people to prepare things! At the moment I think it is working pretty well, so we'll see where it goes.

This allows for people who want to have input to do so, and for other people who just want to come along and be a part of the group, to do so, which I think is cool. Down the track I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have some spiritual practices which people who choose to be a part of the leadership group would comitt to, but thats very much just a preliminary idea at the moment, so we'll see. That could have the potential to be a bit In/Out, We're Good Enough/You're Not, but yeah, I really don't know.

I do think that groups like this need leadership, its just that it will be a different sort of leadership to most church settings. I'm still working out what exactly that looks like in our setting, but its an exciting journey I reckon.


owl said...

The FCofC Men's Encouragement Network has
3 low-key leaders (read facilitators), in
a group that averages 7 people. Leaders
start the ball rolling and everyone chips
in. A basic resource is used to start the
sharing (topic is chosen by a different
person each meeting, and we digress often) with some scripture and prayer. Hence there
is some oversight with a lot of freedom.
We have just completed our 6th year.

Esky said...

Hey Digs,
It's great to hear things about the huddle, it's just an amazing plantation.

Just wondering what such an influenced church looks like? Is it a lot different to a "stereotypical" church where leaders are voted in or however they do it? What's the atmosphere or setting like? Do you have structure to services yet? do want structures to services?
Tell me more..

Not saying that other churches aren't influenced by its people but the huddle sounds like a church thats got everyone involved in having a say. Is it easier to get things established with a smaller group?

I liked how you said, "I was never organised enough to ask people to prepare things" Because i found that in any leadership a lot is dependant on your ability to get not only yourself ready but others around you to.

Much peace paul,

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