Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Prison Fellowship

On Monday night we had a top night, with one of our crew sharing her passion for prison ministry stuff, was a really awesome night.

She talked about how people end up there, how terrible a lifestyle it is, the part drugs play in so many crimes, the troubles people have integrating into society and all sorts of stuff. So many more issues and things to think about than I was aware of.

They do lots of visiting, helping people transition out of prison, mentoring prisoners, helping families-particulalry kids of prisoners. A couple of the projects we'll hopefully be able to help out with will be their Angel Tree project-providing gifts for kids who's parents are in prison and can't give presents, and their Easter project where every prisoner in Victoria get 10 home baked cookies and a little Easter message from people in churches who cook them.

The website I've linked to above is well worth checking out too, provides some good information and ways to help out.