Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stupid Christian emails

I've thought most of this for ages now, but somebody bothered to write it, so I thought I'd post it here.

I am so sick of receiving chain mail from people, ESPECIALLY from Christians. The one's that say things like 'only pass this on if you love God' or 'if you are a true Christian you will pass this on' are the ones that drive me most nuts. As if passing on guilt fuelled email will prove you are a Christian. Prove to whom? Forwarding a chain letter in order to prove your relationship with God is a poor substitute for the real thing.

God will certainly not judge you by if you passed on an email or not and the people who write them obviously don't know God too well in the first place to trick others into believing this. No, it is only by asking God into your life, apologising for your sins and living for God that will prove you to be a true Christian. So many of them use the verse 'if you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven'.

Refusing to pass on an email to my non Christian friends is not denying God, it is denying the misrepresentation of God that the email presents. Jesus bought hope in the place of hopelessness and peace in place of fear. These emails use guilt motivation to get people to pass it on. What kind of Christian uses guilt for motivation? The kind that has ulterior motives. God's perfects love drives out all fear, so who would use fear to force people into passing on a letter?

Letters promising good luck if you pass it on are also insane. It's crazy to believe that people believe this stuff. I refuse to be cursed by a letter. I believe in the providence and omnipotence of God. I believe that God uses the circumstances of life to speak to me, change me, mould me, make me stronger. Things that may not seem that fantastic at the time often prove to have a profound effect on my life and character for the better. Yet, if you believe in luck, circumstances that appear bad can be attributed to by luck. If someone chooses not to pass on the letter, any bad circumstances will be seen through the filter of your belief system in luck. It just becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

If you believe that God is the author and perfector of our faith, circumstances will appear completely different. I entrust my life to the loving hands of my God. I know He has plans for me. My life and its direction do not come down to just luck, but to divine intervention and a purpose that was planned for me before I was born. Luck has nothing to do with it.

Christians have more ways of communication available to them than any other time in history. We have fax, phone, radio, television, the internet and emails. Why would we waste our time passing on chain mail when the message of the love and peace of God is waiting to be heard by millions? I refuse to pass on these letters so don't bother sending any to me. I have better things to do with my time and refuse to be bullied, scared, intimidated or oppressed by mail that will in no way benefit me or my relationship with God.

The only letters I will be passing on are ones that encourage people and have the potential to draw them closer to God, not ones that will intimidate them into submission and false beliefs about what Christianity and a relationship with God truly is.


Esky said...

Hey digs, Only read the first few paragraphs on the account that it was too long... :P

But i tottally agree!
I remember seeing a quote "You might be the only Jesus they know"
Imagine sending such an emailing to someone like that. YOu can only imagine their image of God and Jesus- a harsh, cruel, guilt filled GOd instead of the gloriously graceful, merciful, loving, caring God.
It just makes me sick to think that something as stupid and insignificant as an email can make people believe those lies about the creator of Love!

"Don't let your aim be to proove to man how great his love is but focus on God and the proof will be evident in your every action that is full of his love." (S.Michel)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I don't pass em on either. I even tell everyone (as you yourself know) that I don't pass any of the chains on...they're a waste of time and space.

Who cares if one little kid dies from cancer in America cos they're parents can't afford things...when there is like millions dying from mal-nutrition.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Digger,
I enjoy some of the powerpoints etc people pass on & actually pass them on 2 others. But I agree with you in that I dislike how they say at the end 'pass this on to others if you really love Jesus'. Do u know how to delete all the 'stuff' at the end of the powerpoints? Then my friends can still enjoy the cute photos. (Can u tell I'm a girl?)