Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vote for me so I win a holiday!

All you need to do to help me win a free trip overseas to do some aid work is follow the link above and vote that I'm hot-even though I look like a shambles in that photo! I'm generally against stupid 'rate how good I'm looking' crap websites, but hey, if it will help win a competition to do something I'd love to do but can't afford, then I can change my outlook!


Gareth Williams said...

I said you were hot. Now it gives people more chance to say we're a couple.

Ali told me that Sarah described me as your date to her husband the other week when I rang their house by mistake looking for Ali.

Anonymous said...

Hi Digger, i voted hot, the photo wasn't THAT bad and Gareth seems to think you're ok, plus aid work can only be a good thing :) Hope you win and begin change in another chunk of the world

Mim said...

I voted for you twice- have 2
e-mails and very sneaky!!:)

holiday to do missional work sounds like a contradiction! -I'm just freaking out about bike riding!! The vietnam trip sound very similar to what we're doing- you can go over and fix all my bad building!;) Good luck with it.

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