Thursday, December 14, 2006

The importance of hearing others fail and struggle

I was thinking the other day about how important it is to hear about others failing and struggling in life, not for schadenfreude (its German-look it up) cos thats just crap, but because it makes us and our struggles and failures seem normal too, so we don't feel like the only crazy ones! Particularly when the people are older or people we really respect.

I remember a while back hearing an older guy I look up to a fair bit about how he didn't want to put himself in certain situations because he knew he didn't trust himself not to stuff, which was really cool, as I was struggling with the same issues (It was basically about girls-no surprises there-they're always the source of guys problems!!) But yeah, it really helped me a lot in terms of not feeling alone in my struggles and issues. I think there should be more of it in church.


Esky said...

Hey Paul, this is really nice.
It's really hard sometimes to think that the people we look up to have flaws and problems to, esspecialy when it comes to things we all go through. But hearing about them from my inspirations helps me relate to them and respect them 3 gizzilion times more.

I rekon you're right about churches too. I'm totally sick of the stereotypcial "perfect christian" who lives an airy-fairy life that's good n perfect 24/7. I don't want to hear from people who haven't struggled, because living with Christ is a struggle against the world.

At the vet retreat Steve (you weren't there) was talking about the different people in the bloodline of Jesus. And there's stacks of messed up people but God used them anyway... I just rekon it's funny how we always try to look better than we are instead of taking what we have and using it for God... or letting God use it in us. (GOtta love him!)

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