Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kevin Rudd + The God Factor

Just watched a great interview with Kvin Rudd, by Geraldine Doouge-the chick who hosts Compass. It was done last year but rerun due to his recent grab at the Labor party leadership.

It was a great interview, and I was really really impressed with him. He seems to take his faith pretty seriously-yet still have his feet on the ground, and a good perspective on the place of faith and religion in politics. He also really seems to have a good perspective on the spiritual, social and personal implications of faith.

It reminded me that I'd forgotten to post (as I often do) something I'd wanted to a while ago, which was this essay by Kevin Rudd.

Here's a couple of quotes. If u don't know the Bonhoeffer he's talking about, do some research on him-a great story.

“Bonhoeffer’s was a muscular Christianity. He became the Thomas More of European Protestantism because he understood the cost of discipleship, and lived it.”

“But there are signs of Christianity seeing itself, and being seen by others, as a counterculture operating within what some have called a post-Christian world. In some respects, therefore, Christianity, at least within the West, may be returning to the minority position it occupied in the earliest centuries of its existence.”

“I argue that a core, continuing principle shaping this engagement should be that Christianity, consistent with Bonhoeffer’s critique in the ’30s, must always take the side of the marginalised, the vulnerable and the oppressed.”

“In the fifth approach, the Gospel is both a spiritual Gospel and a social Gospel, and if it is a social Gospel then it is in part a political Gospel, because politics is the means by which society chooses to exercise its collective power. In other words, the Gospel is as much concerned with the decisions I make about my own life as it is with the way I act in society.”

I particularly like that last one too. Some good stuff I reckon.

The full transcript of the interview is here.