Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The myth of the reliable condom

Found this post today on the blog of a guy who i happened to meet whilst trying out for another game show-but you'll hear more about that if and when I'm gonna be on! Anyways, its a good blog (it'd wanna be-he helps people with blogs for a job!) and this was an interesting post. No doubt I'll find plenty more useful stuff there over time.

At a recent World Congress on Sexology, a speaker asked the 800 sexologists present this question: “If you had available the partner of your dreams and knew the person carried HIV, how many of you would have sex depending on a condom for protection?” Not one person raised their hand. After a long delay, one hand was timidly raised in the back of the room. The speaker was irate. She told them, “it was irresponsible to give advice to others that they would not follow themselves.”


Alister Cameron, Blog Consultant said...

Hey Digger!!

After we parted I had about a 15-min chat with the producers and buy did I reckon that was a tad cunning or what! But it was a legit reason for a chat and they were for real impressed with my "proposal"...

It would be great to both get on, eh! And thanks for the plug. Humble a blog as it is, but I'm ramping it up.


PS. I sign "blog consultant" in my name here for linkbait reasons... sssh! Don't tell anyone :)

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