Friday, December 22, 2006

See ya later Warney!

We all knew it was gonna come sooner or later, but unfortunately it's finally happened. And with the next Ashes now not until 2009 I don't reckon there's much chance of him making a Michael Jordan style comeback either!

Warney was the one who inspired me to bowl leggies back in the day. I was just another average medium pacer in a gun team, and needed to do something to make sure I got a bowl, and so leg-spin became my craft! I remember seeing his first wicket against India, a mis-hit lofted off-drive caught by Dean Jones, his figures:1/150! And with any luck I'll see him take a few at the Boxing Day Test this year.

He had a few mis-demeanours, but I can get over that. Besides, he's in the team cos he can play cricket, not cos he's a good role model.

Congratulations on a great career Warney!

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