Sunday, December 17, 2006

So close, yet so far...

My U/17s continue to motor along nicely, having another win-sitting 4-2 going into the Christmas break, which will have us in the 4 which is sweet.
Still working out the balance between wanting to have a win and give everybody a go, but it seems to be going well at the moment I reckon.

But then it was in the seniors where the real action was! After pretty much the worst day ever in the field the week before, not getting a wicket in the stifling heat and smog until 5:00pm and them setting a massive total of 341, we knew it would be a mammoth chase.

We lost a few early wickets, and the run chase didn't look good, but Uncle Darryl was still going strong with everybody falling down around him, whacking them all over the place, bringing up his ton with a massive 6.

Now I don't normally play in this side so they didn't know about my batting prowess (and lack thereof) so chucked me in at 10-which to be fair was one spot lower than I should have been, I was demoted after the guy who was at 10 begged to be at 9! Nonetheless I came to the crease at 8/246-still 96 short of a winning total.

In short Darryl and I put on 65, then I had to try and protect our #11 who'd never played cricket before, we made another 20 and then we ended up on 330-a mere 12 away from what would have been a classic victory. I made 36, including 6 4's, my highest score outside of school cricket!

A great day for restoring confidence in my batting ability but still terrible to get so agonisingly close!

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