Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back in town

Well, after potentially the busiest couple of weeks of my life, I'm finally home and having a bit of a rest-for today! Gotta get back on the horse tomorrow to film a big new game show on one of the major networks-but more on that later.

I wish I had time to write in detail about all of the stuff I've been up to, but its probably not gonna happen, so I'll give you a quick rundown.

On beach mission for 12 days-absolutely loved it. Was a little unsure of it and how I'd go, but was a part of a really great team and there were some awesome kids there, so loved that. Really great model of mission for connecting with families and kids I reckon. I found it to be a good mix of doing the intentional evangelistic thing but also serving needs and just living down there with people doing the incarnational thing.

Whilst I was there I did a phone interview, but missed the photo shoot, for a big interview with a few of the core members of the Heard, which was the lead story in the 'Extra' section of the Herald Sun last Sunday-the 14th. We ended up with a really good write up, 2000 words plus a couple of photos, with quite a few quotes from me.

The day after beach mission we again went to the tennis with the Heard, and had our usual day of tennis-supporting, tomfoolery and general attention-seeking. For some photos check this part of the website. I assumed the momentous title of Captain Australia, which was awesome fun, although unfortunately I didn't get to grace giant Heard tennis court to again assert dominance over Captain Un-Australian. Due to the fact that we actually saw a decent tennis game that required us to watch closely and cheer, we weren't able to do mnay of our funny stunts, which was a bummer. But we did manage to pull of a 10000 person slow-wave in Vodafone Arena, and get Alicia Molik over the line, so that was sweet.

Then I had half a day off, went to a Youth Vision meeting, got up annoyingly early for a cricket game that was cancelled, then drove to Adelaide to meet up with some people for a couple of days. Man that place is small, and has the worst water ever! I seriously couldn't believe people are expected to drink that!

Back home to meet the producers of this game show and get ready for filming, and now just chilling for the day.

So thats my busy couple of weeks in a nutshell!

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