Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have my own domain name!

This is sweet as!

A guy I met a while back and have been in contact with a bit (its a long story) was kind enough to register this domain name for me! Will make it a whole lot easier to tell people my blog address now!

Then apparently some other belgium company operating out of china registered my real name in the hope that I'd wanna buy it off them at some exorbitant price! Not gonna happen!

I love it when people know stuff about the internet, I've got no idea!

Actually, I'll give him a plug, cos he makes money out of knowing stuff about the net, particularly blogs. So if you're one of those people into making your blog look red-hot, and get lots of people to visit etc, check out Alister Cameron and don't worry, even though he does have two first names, you can trust him!