Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Pyramid did Rock!

Once again, Pyramid did not disappoint! The music was awesome! The friends were funny and the crowd was festive!

Living End, Lior and Ugly Duckling were definite highlights, as was Ash Grunwald, Beautiful Girls, Something with Numbers and Faker. The only real disappointment was Silverchair-just get over yourselves guys and play your old stuff.

Most memorable festival moment was definitely seeing a massive group of people all crowded around something happening, only to run over and discover it was two people with full proper boxing gloves and face and head protectors punching on! Some dudes had just brought the stuff along, and any randoms could just get in there and have a bash. It was hilarious!

So of course when they were looking for somebody else to get in and have a crack against a guy about my size, there were very few seconds thoughts before I jumped in! It was great fun! Because of all the padding on the gloves and helmets, nobody really got hurt, but I got a couple of good punches in, and so did he! Maybe it's just a guy thing, but man, it was so much fun!

Decided to eat something other than Barbecue shapes the entire time this year-which left me feeling in much better shape come the end of the festival. And I also did my bit for the drought by not showering the entire time-you've just gotta do what you've gotta do sometimes!


Anonymous said...

The Living End are the best LIVE act I have ever seen. I first saw them at the falls festival in 1996 when no one knew them and about 5 peopple were watching and thought they had massive potential. With 10 years of hits behind them I have since seen them blow international acts off the stage like Linkin Park and Jurrasic 5.

Unknown said...

rrahahaha, I saw the boxing.. there is a clip on youtube, very funny...