Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More of Jesus, less of me

Leading up to Easter the Huddle are working through the Gospel of John-which is definitely my favourite, mainly due to the depth of ideas it explores, I find it to be a bit more philosophical than the others, is good stuff.

Anywho, tonight we were looking at John 3:30 "He must become greater; I must become less." and it was some really good discussion, I know I had plenty to think about. The main thing that was going around in my head was that yeah, thats obviously a great idea-making our life more of God and less of us;but how do we do that?

What does that actually mean? How we do that in practice? Something that'll be running around in my head for a while this week.


waynemus said...

Digs, Great points!

I must confess I have been thinking through some similar things, but in a more general line of thought with my ego.

For it is all good and well to have a desire to humble oneself, or even be selfless. But, how can one achieve this when oneself will always be in control and calling the shots? Can one truly say this is what God wants for me to do, because couldn't our ego be in the disguise of theistic guidance? Is one ever able to be free of the affects of ones own judgement?

We recently had a discussion at the evening service at church about prayer. It invoked many thoughts for me from what people had said, and my own internal dialogue. For how can one petition God but leave Him pushing the buttons? Can one say God do this, or help her? Or even bargain off, and say help her some how, but do it this way?

One of the points raised were the demanding ways people were praying for rain on LightFM. For how can one say God bring rain upon our parched land. Couldn't this be God's way of humbling us? Couldn't God want us to build relationships with other countries in dependence? Or even show the folly of our materialistic trust. Who knows maybe we could be eating of a crow for six years of true drought. Many in Australia fail to see that God's sovereignty reigns over all, and that means they have to accept the futility of their own attempts to gain control.

If you want to read a bit I got this as the initiating post on my blog.

Thanks Digs. And if you find a wiz bang gadget, or ancient art to detach the ego let me know.

Digger said...

Hey Wayne.
I think many many times are our own ego/conscience can be construed as being some form of thiestic guidance, either by us or others.

But despite that, one of the big dealios with faith is dying to oneself, giving up ones own desires and surrendering them over to God. I'm not convinced thats ever a state we're in, or a journey we're on. But I lean toward the second.

Hmm, really good questions about prayer, seriously, how that whole thing works are some of my biggest questions.

Not sure how I feel about the idea of drought being God's way of humbling us etc, but I do relate to the issues you have with the demananding ways in which people pray at God, instead of too.

Good stuff mate

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