Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My next theological task

After answering 2 Minutes of Chong's question from a couple of post's ago about the Bible, and classifying into categories of some sort the different ways that Jesus refers to the Kingdom of God (as in, sometimes he refers to it as a place to go at some later stage, something we inherit, something that lives in us, a place we live in now etc) I've got another task I've set myself, which will probably soon get overtaken by studies.

But anyway, the task is to work through all the Gospels and write down in what context Jesus does his teaching. From my understanding it seems to be pretty much mostly to his disciples, but there is also a decent amount done to crowds and people in the Temple etc.

Of course I'd also say that most of his teaching was his life as he walked around, the intangible everyday stuff not written in our Gospels, but for the purpose of this exercise I wanna focus on just the stuff he said. Should be interesting.

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B.C. said...

Confused man. Not exactly sure where your answers to my questions are. Give meeeeeee now. Uni at the moment. 5 hour wait till next lecture. Lots of time for blogging/doing nothing.