Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Theological thought for the day

In amongst everything else thats going on this week, I'm out at an intensive at College, which is mostly enjoyable, apart from when people use question and answer time witht he panel simply as a soapbox to get up and trout on about their own particular bugbear. But that happens.

Anyways, my theological thought for the day, and I don't know if it necessarily leads anywhere, is that when the Gospel writes were writing about Jesus,a nd when Paul was writing to churches, they probably had no idea that 2000 years later people would consider their words to be the 'Word of God' and such a suggestion would have more than likely sounded just a little strange to them.

Yeah, I've got no deeper meaning behind that yet, just something interesting to think about.


Mim said...

hmm yeah, do you sometimes think that some of the stuff we say is more from God than from our own brains- guess its a bit like that- still freaky thought though!

B.C. said...

Ha this is one of the arguments i have when im not feeling too good about the bible. I'm not one of those 'word-centred' people that Beth talked about at mission.

Since nobody believes exactly the same thing - except that God is real and Jesus died for us? - surely all those people must have different conflicting ideas at some point? Or does the bible just snap into place seamlessly? Don't think so.

During Vetamorphus last year, reading some of Paul's stuff, I honestly thought he was a bit of a tool at times. Is that blasphemy?

Plus, our bible has been translated and re-interpreted so many times, is it exactly like it was meant to be? Did God put the words in their heads? And then the heads of the translators?

I pretty much expect an essay in response to my questions.


Digger said...

This better be working now!

Digger said...

Excellent, it is.
Hey Mim-good to see u commenting from OS!
Hey Chong, great questions mate, will mull over them some more and post a reasoned response soon.

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