Thursday, February 22, 2007

What should I give up for Lent?

Apparently Lent actually goes for a bit longer than 40 days, so my calculations were out by a few days, and it was meant to start yesterday!

I've been inspired hearing about those people who bought nothing for a year, so might try buying nothing (apart from necessary food etc) for Lent, maybe no drinking (which I've done before), maybe no swearing (I'm generally OK with my level swearing-which isn't really great, it just offends some people sometimes so need to watch that) or soft drink, sugar or something. Maybe playing hypotheticals! Or myspace or blogging... Still dunno.

Would be keen to get the Huddle crew into it too, so we might all start together on Monday or something.


Anonymous said...

I will give up sex for lent. I have been denied for the past 40 days so what harm can another 40 do?????

Jono said...

Don't give up blogging! Bad! You can give up myspace if you wish.
Going without buying anything seems infinately difficult, and would be awesome. That one would be cool to do. It would really open your eyes to how consumerist our culture is. Maybe I will do this one day.

B.C. said...

I heard you can also take up stuff. I'll give up something, but Matt Waters challenged me to 100 pushups and 100 situps a day. It shall be done. Give up computer. Totally. 40 days. Write a goodbye blog, then blog about the experience once you come crawling back.