Monday, March 12, 2007

Forge thoughts

Was the Forge National Summit over the weekend, which was most enjoyable. Had lots of thoughts and stuff going on inside my head, will try and blog bits of pieces of it.

Was reminded of what somebody said to me a while back about planting new churches and that 'You finish with what you start with'. So if you start with pissed off angry Christians you'll probably end up with pissed off angry Christians. And if you start with passionate, mission-focussed Christians, that's probably what you'll end up with. A bit of a generalisation, but worth thinking about.

Also reminded that not everybody on your team/community/church thinks about, prays about, and is as passionate about your team/community/church as you are. They have lives, jobs, partners and everything else that fills their head too. So don't expect them to be thinking about it as much as you do, its just reality. Very helpful for me to think about.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear was a good weekend...

Anonymous said...

Mate - wanted to catch up and chat with you over the weekend but couldn't seem to match up our times.
Great to see you - let's try and catch up soon.