Friday, March 16, 2007

The Huddle and New Peninsula

This Sunday night, by means of a few meetings and some good friendships on both sides, the Huddle this week have the privilege of leading the evening congregation of New Peninsula (formerly Mornington Baptist Church) this Sunday night.

I'm totally stoked about it too, will be great fun. They've shown an enormous amount of trust in pretty much just letting us do whatever we want, with no real guidelines. We were thinking about taking advantage of this lack of guidelines and having our usual session of ritual goat sacrifice whilst dancong naked around an elm tree, but thoguht we'd mellow it down a bit and go with the slightly more standard set up of some reflective worship, testimonies, communion, sermon of sorts, and prayer.

Am hoping it will be a really challenging and encouraging time for all. I'm doing the little sermon thing, and will probably focus on the Acts 2:42-47 stuff, the Greek meaning of the word ekklesia and the need for mission to be the first and foremost priority of the church. Should be good fun. Will report back next week.

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Anonymous said...

Oh im pumped...and my brother might even come, which is AMAZING...yep going to be awesome!!