Monday, March 12, 2007

Little Lent stuff ups

Got caught up in the excitement of the challenge and spent $2 on Big buck hunter-that game you play where you shoot deer, at the pub. And the other day saw a movie with some mates, just rushed in and bought it without thinking too much. Other than that it's been good. Not major indiscretions, but indescretions no less. But not gonna beat myself over the head, cos that helps nobody, just move on.

Was also annoyed at having to buy food a lot cos I was at the Forge conference, but thats unavoidable I guess. Perhaps could have made myself lunch at home, but didn't even think of that. It's all still going pretty well though.

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Jono said...

Don't, like you said, beat yourself over the head with it. Everyone makes mistakes. I admire how well you've gone anyway, even though you've made these few stuff ups. I don't know how well I'd manage doing what you're doing!