Thursday, March 08, 2007

On Inspiration

Am doing Introduction to Biblical Interpretation this semester, so expect a few more Bible related posts. Have done a lot of this stuff before, but its from a kinda different perspective to CCTC, so thats always fun. Am seeming to find myself as the one in class asking the questions that most Christians just seem to take for granted, cos often those answers just don't satisfy me.

Like how Christians tend to try and prove the Bible by using the Bible-which to me seems to make very little sense at all. Obviously its way way more complex than this, but its like me writing a new Bible, and say in it that it is the Word of God and expect people to believe that!

The books we have in the Bible were written by people about their experiences and understandings of God, verified through communities of faith over many many years and finally all officially gathered together, not just written on the spot.

But anyway, my point is that the fact that the Bible in Inspired by God is pretty much just a faith thing. There are heaps of things that go toward proving its validity and accuracy, bu the fact that Paul, Mark, John etc were Inspired by God in what they wrote is just a faith thing, no more. I believe it, but don't really think I can prove it.

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