Monday, March 05, 2007

Second day at my new school!

Just a quick update, last year I finished up working at Flinders, where I'd been a youth worker for the past four years, and have now started a day a week in a voluntary position at Mt Erin in Somerville, a local public school.

First day I had a Yr 8 kid convince me he had a free period (trust me, his story was good!) found a Christian girl which is exciting, met a few teachers, knocked over some little kids playing soccer and found a kid-the lying kid from before-to help me run a dodgeball competition.

Today had a few kids to chat to about some issues, got told off for being on the wrong computer by the principal (am no longer at Flinders where I could just do whatever I wanted!) and met a few more teachers. Have been about as many fights in these two days as there was the whole four years at Flinders!

Am soo excited about the potential at this school, so much stuff to be done. Can't wait to get amongst it!

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Jono said...

I like that kid. He likes dodgeball AND gets out of classes with a convincing story!